2 years agoInspiring Vacations (inspiringvacations.com) offering several affordable and worry free packages for individual travellers. Enriching culture, elegant sights and enthralling beauty, Japan has a lot to offer to its visitors. Surrounded by the neon lights and pop culture of dazzling HarajAustraliau, the crowds themselves are fascinating, but all this is underpinned by the traditional culture so highly protected and revered in japan small group holidays. It’s also responsible for the aesthetic of some of Japan’s most famous exports, such as anime, manga and cosplay.

The best time to visit Japan is in the spring when the stunning cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Discover Japan’s contrasts, from its sleek, modern cities to ancient towns and traditional customs. While Japan’s status as the world’s second largest economy after the United States (by GDP) has been taken by China, the country is still an economic powerhouse. A Japan Tour with Inspiring Vacations (inspiringvacations.com) is a truly unique travel experience which interweaves the architecture, art, design and culture of Japan into the daily itinerary to provide a travel experience unlike any other.

Japan’s geographic location means it experiences frequent earthquakes, as well as occasional tidal waves and typhoon. From the futuristic architecture and technology on the Tokyo horizon, to the ancient Shinto spiritualism of mountain temple enclaves, Japan is the most epic and beautiful country I’ve ever been to. Experience a true mixture of Japan’s delights: its ancient culture, temples and traditions alongside its thriving modernity; its vibrant cities and its rural countryside and beautiful landscapes.

For the convenience of our passengers, Air Tours will sometimes amend the itinerary; however all the other services will remain the same. The tallest and most famous – Mount Fuji – is considered one of Japan’s ‘Three Holy Mountains’ (along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku) and is a popular destination for tourists and climbers. All the transports you organised or recommended were spot on. Our Japan experience was fabulous, thanks to you, we will recommend Inspiring Vacations (inspiringvacations.com) to our friends.

Agriculture, particularly rice-growing, was a very important part of life in early Japan, and craftsmanship like metal working was also highly developed and respected in Japan’s early days. This garden crystrallises the Japanese landscape – depicting its island geography, forests, bamboo glades, pine-topped mountains, rushing rivers, mountain crags and surrounding sea.