Reality of Wrestling, managed by WWE Hall of Famer and Houston native Booker T, returns into the Clear Lake City Rec Center this Saturday night for a live taping as a result of Pheed manner. Several great matches are planned for the event, as you’ll see below.

The American Eagle was at action at “Christmas Chaos 7,” as they faced the always hated Gustavo Mendoza. Team International tried to interfere on Mendoza’s behalf, but Kelly Kevin stormed to the ring created the assist. He sent Sergey Volkov retreating to your locker room, leaving the patriotic Eagle to take the win.

The Fleetcenter in Boston was host of Wrestlemania XIV. Pete Rose made an appearance, but was promptly attacked by Kane, who entered in a ring of hearth. This would set up a longstanding feud between the previous baseball star and the WWE wrestler. Kane also began a battle although Undertaker at Wrestlemania XIV. The first European Championship match in Wrestlemania history occurred at Wrestlemania XIV, with Triple H winning over Owen hart. Mike Tyson were be the guest referee between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, but exercises, diet tips determined that she would be much better outside the ring. Nonetheless, when Austin won the WWE Championship, Tyson jumped in the ring to deliver the three count.

Bound for Glory started off with a tag team Ultimate X match. 2 teams your market match were LAX and XXX. Both teams are designed for great wrestling action and both provided them inside match at Bound for Glory however the gimmick hindered the match a small. I know TNA loves to use best X match but with no title exactly in danger it seems useless. Crawling across the cables also probably actually slowed associated with these teams goose down. The match between LAX and XXX at Bound for Glory nonetheless a excellent match and also it was great to see LAX win a meaningful match.

There any PUBG Mobile Elite Pass hack iOS in the event may well determine the #1 Contender to the ROW Internet Title. Ten of ROW’s top talent hit the ring and waged war, but ultimately it was Kid Ransom picking on the victory and earning a try at the title.

Very good main event to end Bound for Glory. I know a involving people think Sting is past his prime nevertheless i think he’s worked hard lately and deserved to cart the TNA World Identity. Also TNA has focused a bunch of on Kurt Angle that i’m tired of him and i’m glad somebody beat him. TNA did overbook the match a bit but overbooking isn’t bad when the babyface overcomes all the interference november 23. Also if Bound for Glory is TNA’s number one pay per view it makes sense to end with the babyface successful.

There’s a small chance that Burke could return into the WWE if he’s definitely done with TNA. The WWE is starving for added talent. During two years Burke has polished his character inside a solid wrestler that will benefit the WWE.

In 2004, Savage registered with new wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action (TNA), but diet plans . short livd due to disagreement with management on title exchanges.