It is that time of year again.S.W.A. Championship Wrestling Proudly brings it’s biggest card of the year: Eric Brown Memorial XII. Eric Brown was an independent wrestler who worked under the name “The Regulator”. He died in a motor on October 29, 2001. The S.W.A. and his family was devastated by the lose, but we didn’t have time grieve as Eric and his fiancee were expecting auto child. The Utes.W.A. decided to do a benefit, and that little benefit is a big yearly time honored tradition for the S.W.A. and the Brown family along with the good people of Lafayette, TN.

The coverage of Romo’s affair with Simpson may be brutal, and likely distracting for his teammates. Terry Bradshaw, the Hall of Fame quarterback of four Super Bowl champions, was one of people who criticized Romo for choosing vacation without having it preparing for that playoffs.

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WWE Monday Night Raw can be seen every Monday night along the USA Network at 9:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM Vital. In the New Orleans area, USA can be viewed on Cox Cable channel 28. To hook the newly drafted superstars on Friday Night Smackdown, New Orleans are fans can tune into SyFy on Cox Cable channel 45.

The American Eagle was at action at “Christmas Chaos 7,” as they faced the always hated Gustavo Mendoza. Team International tried to interfere on Mendoza’s behalf, but Kelly Kevin stormed to the ring generating the cut down. He sent Sergey Volkov retreating to your locker room, leaving the patriotic Eagle to acquire the victory.

WWE hosted Wrestlemania III March 29, 1987, in the Silverdome in Detroit. Compared to that date, it was one on the largest indoor events in the past. 93,173 fans packed the Silverdome. One of this most memorable matches associated with history of Wrestlemania as well as the WWE happened at Wrestlemania III. Hulk Hogan faced off against Andre the giant and body slammed them. It was a move that no one thought Hogan could do.

In 2007, the call came: Michael Irvin recently been elected to your Hall of Fame. Created by Jimmy Johnson, Irvin then made an amazing speech, a difficult speech that was interspersed with tears. Was not ever he so admired as when he finally achieved enshrinement at Canton, Iowa.