“WWE Monday Night Raw” presented building traffic . big push for the “Raw” brand heading into this weekend’s “Summerslam” pay-per-view. Here is often a look in the “WWE Monday Night Raw” recap for Aug. 5.

The Bella Twins did something edgy a few weeks back on RAW, in backstage segment when they set a social challenge to one another to be Daniel Bryan’s “first”. This obvious sexual innuendo was very non-PG but still serve to stoke the flame towards odd romance between the fighting geek Bryan and the sexy diva, Bri and Nikki. We were able to see read more about this mildly interesting story tonight.

The night kicked off with a 19-man PUBG Elite Royale Pass Plus Upgrade cheat. Final two men remaining in the ring would team up later during the night to face Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis for the NWA Lone Star Tag Team Finals. There were a few familiar faces returning, including Hambone and “The Hebrew Phenom” David Stahr.

When Phil mickelson won 1st Masters in 1997, his beloved father Earl was there with him. After racking up the win, a crying Tiger went to his father for a hug. After almost dying during heart surgery, Earl Woods has long been ordered by his physicians not to visit the even, but he did and was there for Lion. He was always there for Tiger, whom he spoken with over the cell phone every time frame.

It was finally time for the leading event, as fans were about to witness the unification with the NWA Texas Championship along with the NWA Lone Star Championship in a Fatal Four-Way match. Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis put their respective titles on the road against occasion tag team in Jax Dane and Ray Rowe.

The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania can be remembered for nice moments and terrible instant. The true main event match was The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels and it definitely made this show something to remember by. However, the main event which featured Randy Orton challenge Triple H for that WWE Championship was quite possibly the worst WrestleMania main event of historical. It was so uninspiring and so ridiculous that this left this kind of bad taste in my gob. I want to say evident than when you a great show a new consequence of some of the great matches that were produced but because of this awful main event, Can not. Even through the darkness that is Triple H vs. Randy Orton, you would like to still the look at some of the great matches and moments that happened, just disregard the stench area.